Where We Belong

“Hello there, how you doin’? I’ve got all these thoughts just floating through my brain…” - MCS

We had something back in high school we referred to as the JEP (Junior English Project). Taught by the wonderful, yet eccentric, Darrin Broadway, the junior english struck fear into the hearts of many. The project consisted of a string of readings, assignments, and essays throughout the school year that culminated in each student developing a final project – whether that project be a short story, poem, interpretive dance, documentary, film, etc.

The writing exercises, the constant pressure, the unrelenting deadlines forced out some of our most creative work of our young lives. The insurmountable idea of having to pump out thousands and thousands of words for a 10-page paper on the themes of Fahrenheit 451 dwindled over time and instead turned into a fuel that fed our minds and our fingers as we wrote (or typed) late into the weeknights.

For me, it was some of my best writing. Crafting outlines for essays became second nature and filling them in with carefully considered dabs of light hearted banter with logically executed conclusions became an art at which (at least thought) I thrived.

This isn’t to say that I was really that great of a writer. For all intents and purposes, I was a 17 year old kid writing a standard 5 paragraph essay on a book we had been assigned to read. But at times, through the many assignments and long nights, I felt that words were truly a medium of unbounded expression.

Now, I may be setting myself and this catalogue of thoughts up for failure with that prologue, however, I’m hoping that the result will be quite the opposite. My goal? Pen my thoughts on design, code, happiness, and life. Thanks for tuning in.