React, UX/UI

Agility Connect

A referral marketplace that allows tech recruiters, referrers, and job seekers to leverage their network and get rewarded.

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Project Overview

The tech industry is booming and there are plenty of openings to be filled with qualified candidates. Even today, referrals are the number one source of hires that employers are most satisfied with.

Agility Partners, a tech recruiting firm, wanted to tap into the power of referral-based hiring and gain an edge against their competitors, so they came Metto to build a product that could help. The result was Agility Connect, an app that gives anyone the ability to help their friends land jobs and get a little bonus in the process.

My Role

In addition to designing Agility Partner’s marketing site, I served as the lead visual and UX designer for Agility Connect. I worked with two other front-end developers to implement the Connect app using React + Redux, bringing the referral marketplace to life.

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